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New Poll: What are your social media trend predictions for 2013?

A new year is upon us and with it new possibilities  2012 saw many innovations in social media from the rise of countless memes, to new social networks like Pinterest and an increased emphasis on visuals.  What will 2013 hold for social media? Will Google+ finally take out Facebook? Maybe a new rival will suddenly appear (like to take on the big networks. Head on over to the front page and vote in our poll to let us know what your prediction is! If you have a prediction we haven't mentioned please tell us here in the comments. We'd love to hear your ideas!

New Poll: Back to School!

It's new poll Thursday!  New poll is up and this week we want to know if you are ready to go back to school!   Are you read for to go back to school?  We want to know!  Maybe, like us you aren't in school anymore, well vote in our poll then too!  As always our poll is on the front page of our site, check it out!  Let us know what you voted in the comments, and share what you like (or miss) about school.

Poll: How are you watching the Olympics?

It's that time again! Time for a new poll!  This week, we want to know with all the new options for watching the Olympics how are you keeping up to date?  Are you watching live on TV? Catching the taped delay broadcast? Maybe watching online? Or just keeping an eye on Twitter or Facebook?

However you have been watching, what has been your favorite Olympic moment so far?  The Opening ceremonies were as always eye-popping, but there have been so many more moments ranging capturing the glory, agony, and disappointment found in sport.  Let us know in the comments!

Poll: Do You Prefer Winter or Summer Olympics?

We have a new poll up! In honor of the London 2012 Summer Olympics XXX it's about the Olympics!  Do you prefer the winter, or summer Olympics?  Do you prefer the thrill of Skeleton? Or the rush of diving?  Ice Hockey or Soccer?  Cycling or Cross Country Skiing? Let us know what your absolute favorite events are in the comments!