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A Crash Course in Hashtags

A Crash Course in Hashtags

Hashtags are the ties that bind us  on social media, that is. Let's break down the different types!

Introducing LOL Mobile Media!

In a world of contact connectivity, the fastest path to the consumer is mobile. Not one to miss the moment of global mobile domination, LOL Social Media Group LLC (LOLSMG) is launching their new mobile division, LOL Mobile Media Group (LOLMMG). “One screen just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today, decisions are made at the swipe of a finger,” says LOLMMG CEO Richard Melton. “If your business isn’t mobilized you’re already behind, so our focus is to provide a suite of media services to cater to the demand of on-the-go accessibility from customers of businesses large and small.”

LOLMMG is the result of merging transformative technologies with a focus on delivering superior web experiences on any device. With mobile website development, app development, text message marketing and lead generation at the core of their service offerings, the new user-friendly website makes it easy to take mobile strategy into your own hands or to collaborate with the LOL team of experts to create customized mobile experiences. LOLMMG offers both à la carte and enterprise level mobile marketing strategies for businesses of any industry, no matter the size.

Mobile Websites

Mobile traffic is exploding, yet an alarming number of websites lack the functionality to cater to the mobile consumer. LOLMMG’s capabilities allow users to convert their existing website to a mobile format and preview for free, all in a few simple clicks. Users can edit and publish live themselves, or they can opt for customized mobile website development by a team of LOLMMG designers. With the ability to publish the same or next day, businesses can ensure they will immediately attract customers, instead of losing them.

Mobile Apps

89 percent of smartphone time is spent on mobile apps (Nielsen, March 2014). Businesses should know where their customers are, and then make themselves within reach. From concept, to mobile app development, to promotion and launch; LOLMMG creates apps to showcase and extend product or service offerings while generating significant opportunities of next-level engagement with consumers.

Text Message Marketing

It has never been more important to reach a customer “in the moment” and no better way to do so than through SMS text message marketing campaigns. Over 90% of text messages get read within three minutes of delivery (HubSpot, June 2012). LOLMMG makes it simple and cost effective to customize programs and target consumers anywhere and at anytime, generating a high ROI for brands. With proven increases in conversions and sales revenue, popular text message solutions include mobile coupons, virtual kiosks, loyalty programs, appointment reminders, landing pages, contests and much more.

LOL Media Max

Mobile strategy is just one way to take a brand’s online presence to the max. With LOLMMG’s Media Max bundling options, businesses can take the “combination” approach to their digital marketing program. Based on the collaborative use of web, mobile, and social technologies, LOLMMG works with individuals and businesses to develop strategies, implement cost-effective budgets, customize media solutions, and track progress to continuously promote to the client’s marketplace. LOL Media Max includes any combination of web design, graphic design, mobile apps, text programs, social media management, SEO, lead generation, landing pages, advertising, promotions and so much more. It is the result of thoughtful design and innovative technology working hand in hand that creates memorable experiences and limitless revenue potential for an “always on” world.


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4 Tips to Make Your Content More Shareable

4 Tips To Make Your Content More Shareable
4 Tips To Make Your Content More Shareable

You've created awesome content on your site. Unfortunately, that awesome new blog post won't share itself!  How do you encourage your visitors to share your great content? Well you've overcome the first barrier (creating great content) so here are 4 more tips to get your content off and running.

1. Include Great Visuals

Go beyond boring and generic stock photos. Create visuals that truly show the lifestyle of your brand, or clearly demonstrate the concept you explained. Depending on your content this could be anything from a photo to an infographic. Be creative! Unique, captivating images will stand out from the boring images of your competitors.

2. Make Sharing Easy

Don't make your visitors wonder about how they will ever share this awesome piece of content.  Show them. Positioning social sharing widgets at convenient locations in your content will make it easier for visitors to share.  Include all the major social sharing options like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. While you do want your sharing widgets to be easily found, there is such a thing as too much.  You don't want to look desperate, so keep a good balance between "OMG PLEASE SHARE ME!" and "How do I even share this?”

3. Share it Yourself

Self promoting on social media, when done correctly can be a great asset. Get your own content out there!  Remember to share it multiple times, especially on fast moving platforms like Twitter, so that all of your fans can see it. Time your posts carefully to catch the attention of the most number of fans. Of course, don't forget the 80/20 rule. Share 20% of your own content and 80% of others.

4. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags in your shares! The majority of social networks sites now all support hashtags. They can help you expand your reach and get new eyes on your content. Carefully select hashtags for relevance to your content's topic. Remember, hashtag jacking is bad! So use your common sense, and ensure your hashtags are relevant.

Great content needs help to be seen! Don't let your hard work languish in obscurity. Take the advantage and give your content the best hope of being seen by using these tips. Your great content will keep them coming back for more, but only if they know about it.