You find an outfit you absolutely love on Pinterest. Maybe it doesn't provide a link to the products featured, or those products happen to be designer brands and you have a budget that can't match that. What's a hopeful fashionista to do?  Wish there was a way you could search for your dream outfit?

Lucky you, now you can! The new search engine Chic Engine lets you search for clothing items by photo!  Chic Engine was developed by Adrian Rosebrock, from Catonsville, Maryland.  His day job is as a developer at the National Cancer Institute unit.

Here's a walk-through to get you searching for fashion in no time!

Chic Engine |


First find yourself an image.

We've found an image, now we need to either save it to our computer so we can upload it to ChicEngine, or we can just get the url of the image. To get the url right click on the image, then select "Copy Image Location".

Now, over to Chic Engine!

All you have to do is paste (right click > paste) into the "or enter the url of the image" field and hit search.

Now we can select what we are looking for. Let's try to get the shirt. Select the "Women's Shirts" option, and move the selection box to select the shirt. We selected her entire upper body from shoulders to waist. Once you are happy with your selection hit search.

Results!  Looking through the results they don't appear to be exact, at least on the first page. But as you can see the overall look is very similar to our original image. Our original had a jacket over a shirt, which was probably difficult for the search engine to work with. So lets try it again with something that is simpler and see if we can get an exact match.

Here's the image we are working from, let's find the shirt again.  Repeating our previous steps we end up with these results:

Again, it's not exactly what we are looking for, but the results are similar.  Chic Engine looks like it is a great tool for getting fashion inspiration or a certain look but not necessarily the exact items (at least at this point in it's development).

So head on over to Chic Engine and check it out, let us know what you think of it (and show off those fantastic outfits) in the comments!