Don't Waste Time! 7 Apps & Services to Increase Your ProductivitySometimes it seems there are never enough hours in the day.  While some may lament the changes in technology that are clamoring constantly for our attention, there are many genuinely useful and time saving apps, gadgets and programs out there.  Choosing the right ones for your can save you time and let you work smarter, not harder.  Here are 7 of our favorite time saving, productivity increasing, and down right useful apps.

Google Drive

Have access to your files anywhere, and even collaborate with your collegues or clients. Google Drive and other cloud file saving services keep your files within reach at all times.


Save important notes, ideas, bookmarks, even your grocery list on lists that sync across devices.  You  can organize your notes into notebooks, add tags, and comments. Never again forget why you were saving that particular link.


Managing social media accounts doesn't have to be that time consuming.  Tools like Hoosuite allow you to easily manage multiple social media accounts across multiple platforms from one simple interface.


Like Google Drive, Dropbox lets you store your files on the cloud.  Install Dropbox on Android and iOS devices and you are able to automatically back up your photos from your phone, as well as accessing your Dropbox files on the go.


Ever wish you could to that with that other thing? IFTTT lets you harness the power of an ever expanding number of services to meet your needs. Change your user icon on Facebook? Use IFTTT to automatically change it on Twitter! Post links to your latest blog to your social media accounts? IFTTT can do that too. It's a versatile service that can help make your internet life easier.

Browser Sync

Both Firefox and Chrome offer the ability to synch browsers. Set up your account, connect the browsers and you will have access to all of your bookmarks, tabs and plugins across devices. No longer suffer the annoyance, and wasted time setting up all your favorite plugins on your fresh Firefox or Chrome install.


Remembering your passwords can be hard enough. Remembering unique, secure passwords for every single account you have can be nearly impossible. Fortunately Last Pass does the remembering for you. It securely stores your password information and allows you to access your account through one master password.  It's available on desktop and mobile devices.

These 7 resources will help you work smarter and save time.  Use technology for what it was intended to do: make your life easier.  Do you have any useful or productivity apps or services that you just can't live without?