Google Doodle 4, the 4th year of the Google Doodle competition for kids grades K-12 is well under way. The contest has enter it's final voting phase and has narrowed down the field to the finalists.  There were over 130,000 entries, which have been narrowed down to 10 students per grade group!  This is already a fantastic accomplishment to the contestants, many congratulations to all who participated!

Vote Now For Your Favorite Google Doodle Drawn By Kids

Voting is limited to 5 votes, which is one vote per grade category.  Winners will be announced on May 22nd, but voting will end on May 10th! So get those votes in soon! As of the writing this there are only 4 voting days left!  The winners will be featured on the Google homepage for all to see, and will receive a $30,000 scholarship!  Additionally the winner's schools will receive a $50,000 technology grant!  Your votes can help make a difference to kids and schools across the nation!

Vote for your favorite entries HERE!

Have you ever had your artwork featured as a Google Doodle? Have you ever entered the Google Doodle contest?  Tell us about the experience in the comments!

PS. Congrats finalists! Your Doodles are awesome!!