5 Tips to Keep Your Data Safe OnlineIt seems like nearly every day there's another news break about the exposure of private data online.  A site got hacked, there was a data breach, a bug was discovered, or maybe the company just wasn't as transparent about their use of personal information as users would like.  So how can you keep yourself and your data safe online?

Be Selective

You don't have to sign up for each and every service. Choose only those you  need and will actually use. Give your personal data only to those services you trust.   This includes reading their terms and conditions and privacy policies!

Keep Your Apps Up To Date

This is especially important for mobile users.  Update your apps!  Most updates include bug and security fixes that will help keep your information, your device and your data secure.

Use Secure Passwords

The best passwords do not include any dictionary words, and include letters, numbers and symbols.  Use a different password for each service.  It is hard to remember all of that login information, but there are services like Last Pass that can help.

Be Aware Of Your Privacy Options

Social networks offer a range of privacy options. From friends only to private to entirely public.  This will vary depending on social network, so be sure to thoroughly look over and understand how your privacy options work.

Use Secure Connections When Possible

Facebook has already made https mandatory for all users, but not all services necessarily default to a secure connection.  Choosing to use https when possible will help keep your data safe.

While not posting information online is the only real way to maintain security there are a number of things everyone can do to keep their information secure and safe.  Brands can help by being transparent about their use of personal information as well as how that information is safe guarded and keeping up to date on the latest security issues and technologies.