When breaking news or tragedies happen it's only natural to want to know the latest developments and ways to help out. However, the rush for news is also an opportunity for malware scammers to prey on people's curiosity and good will.

Don't fall Victim To Breaking News Malware Scams!

The Boston Marathon bombings are the latest current event to be snatched up as bait by unscrupulous malware scammers.    HotforSecurity reports that within hours of the Boston Marathon bombing keywords related to it were already showing up in spam emails.  These emails had directed people to urls that seemed to be related to the Boston Marathon but were in reality malware.

These scam sites use coverage of the event to cover up their real purpose: infecting your computer with malware. Many of the scam sites had Trojan.GenericKDZ.14575 which is a virus that steals passwords directly from a users browser. It's also reported to have variants that steal Bitcoin wallets, and send out emails.

Fortunately, its very easy to avoid falling prey to such nefarious ploys.  When news breaks, stay close to your favorite legit news sites. Always go directly to the site to view media and articles, and never ever trust unsolicited emails (or even email from trusted sources that you are not expecting).  Additionally, ensure your device is secure by installing antivirus and anti-malware software. This is important no matter what operating system you are using or what type of device. From mobile to desktop, OSX to Windows, antivirus software is for everyone.

Have you fallen for any breaking news malware? Tell us about it in the comments.