10am PST at Menlo Park is the place to be for the lucky ones who were invited to Facebook's Android Event.  The event is to welcome the press to see "Facebook's new home on Android".


Since the announcement rumors have swirled about the potential release of the much rumored Facebook Phone.  It's thought this could be an HTC phone running on Android with Facebook integration.  The Facebook phone still remains only a rumor with no confirmation coming from Facebook....yet at least.

So what will their event hold? As the hours tick down closer to event time the HTC Facebook Phone or Facebook First is still the prime candidate for the event if you believe the rumors that is.

If you want to get all the live news on the big new Facebook Android announcement there's a variety of online places to get live coverage.

Mashable will be live Blogging, as will Endgadget, and BDR (BDR says the link will go live once the event starts).  Coverage for the event will be starting at 10am PST (that's 1PM EST for all you East Coasters).

What do you think the new Facebook announcement will be? The much anticipated Facebook Phone? Or will Zuck throw everyone a curve ball with something unexpected?  Tell us what you think in the comments.