The bill known as CISPA is back! This week, Congress will be holding three hearings about the cyber security bill known as CISPA. The intent of CISPA is increase cyber-security. However, many feel that it leaves much open to interpretation and can end up invading the privacy of many users.

CISPA would offer immunities to companies who share user data with government organizations like the National Security Agency (NSA) for reasons that are not even related to cyber-security. It would give businesses the ability to monitor users actions and data (including sensitive information) and give it to the government without a warrant   This would also override existing privacy laws so long as they act in "good faith".  Users themselves would have no way of knowing if their information was shared. Even if they did there would be little recourse.

Cyber-security certainly is a serious issue. Those in the tech industry are faced with it every day. However many, including companies like Mozilla, and organizations like the ACLU, EFF, and the American Library Association wish to maintain users privacy while also ensuring combating cyber-security issues.  This is why, this week in the Congressional hearings the EFF and many others will be speaking to Congress.

Whatever the outcome of the CISPA hearings and the fate of the bill it's self, it could bring changes to the internet and how businesses run on the internet.  Do you have any concerns about CISPA and other bills like it? Do you think user privacy can be maintained while also maintaining cyber-security? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!