It's a Monday like any other Monday. You are reading the latest headlines on your RSS reader or favorite news aggregator when suddenly you read something you can't believe! Is it real, or just a prank? Here are the April Fools jokes the LOLSMG Department of Prank Investigation has recently uncovered.


Google Nose. Confirmed Prank. Smell-o-vision who hasn't wanted it? To smell those meals those famous chefs on TV cook, or those gorgeous beaches on the travel shows? Then you watch sports or that action show where the heroes end up in the sewer and you realize maybe smell-o-vision isn't the future after all.

Pirate Bay relocates servers to the USA, renames themselves Freedom Bay. Probable Prank. Why would the notorious torrenting site would never move their servers stateside where it would be much easier for copyright holders to seek legal action against them?

Google Blue. Confirmed Prank. 6 years for a color change on Gmail? Really? Did anyone fall for this? If you did, tell us in the comments (it's ok LOLSMG is judgement free! We all are gullible from time to time!).

Google Maps: Treasure Maps. Confirmed Prank. If anyone could consolidate the world's maps into one huge treasure map it's probably Google. But why would they share that info? Maybe they DO have treasure maps, but if they do we doubt they are sharing. To access the maps, head over to Google Maps and click the Treasure icon. If you do find treasure, let us know!

YouTube Shutting Down!! Confirmed Prank. Don't worry! Even after YouTube reported finding the best video ever, they are not, in fact shutting down. You will still have access to those adorable cat videos. *phew*

Twitter Is Now Charging For Vowels! Confirmed Prank. Vowels are expensive! So says Twitter, or Twttr as it's now (and formerly) known. See what they did there? Yes, when Twitter first was created it was Twttr. Continue using Twitter, vowels and all for a fee of $5/mo or welcome to your new vowel-less world of Twttr.

Google to Aquire Spotify. Confirmed Prank. With all the other shinanigans afoot today there's little evidence of this actually happening, and the "Wall Street Journal" link in the article actually links to the April Fools article of Wikipedia.

Have you seen any other pranks going around today? Have you fallen for any? Tell us about it in the comments and maybe the LOLSMG Department of Prank Investigation can help you determine fact from fiction!