If you have gone to your Google Reader account lately you'll have seen this:


Google is shutting down their RSS reader.  This leaves users scrambling to find a new rss reader for their feeds. That leaves one question for Reader users: What will they use to replace Reader?  Fortunately there are a variety of options. Check out our 10 Google Reader Alternatives!

1. Feedly


Feedly offers an unique view of your feeds with emphasis on visuals. It also has apps for all your mobile devices and an easy sync with Google Reader.

2. 1kpl.us

1kplus1kpl.us is a newer reader that offers a more Reader like view for all your feeds.

3. Tiny-Tiny RSS


Tiny-Tiny RSS is an open source rss feed reader.  It also has an app for Android.

4. Pulse


Pulse offers a visual style to read your favorite feeds and has apps for iOS and Android.

5. Netvibes


Netvibes offers free and premium services across all your devices, and has tons of customization options.

6. TheOldReader


Want Reader back? Well Google probably won't be bringing it back, but The Old Reader will give you the same Reader you know and love.

7. FeedAFever


FeedAFever is a paid feed reader that offers some unique options. It helps you stay on top of your most read feeds and hides your unread feed counts to spare you the anxiety of unread feeds.

8. Bloglines



Bloglines gives you a look at local blogs. It has all the customizable features you want from feed readers with emphasis on your local blog scene.

9. RSS Owl


RSS Owl is a free desktop feed reader that has a variety of customization options.

10. Bloglovin


Bloglovin lets you follow all your favorite blogs in one place. It's easy to use and has an app for iOS devices.

If you are now a nomadic Reader user searching for a home for your rss feeds give these 10 great options a try. From desktop based to cloud based to apps for your mobile devices there's something to meet every need.  Do you know of a RSS feeder that we missed? Tell us about it in the comments we'd love to know about it.