School is back in session!  Even if your school days are behind you there's no reason to let your education stay stuck in the past.  There are tons of free learning options just waiting for you.  To help you improve your skills and add to your education we have compiled 3 of the best free learning sites.

1.  Learnist

Learnist is currently in closed beta, but don't let that stop you from signing up. You can learn anything from Yoga to HTML 5.  Learnist allows anyone to teach via curation using everything from Google E-books, Youtube videos, and websites.  It also features iOS app for iPhone and iPad so you can learn on the go!

2.  Coursera

Want to take a college class?  Don't have the cash? Maybe your local college or university doesn't offer what you want? Now you can take college classes, taught by college professors on Coursera.  Schools like Duke, Princeton, and Caltech and more all offer classes.  Classes are free to take, but do not give credit (you do get a spiffy certificate to print off though).  Class topics range from technology to philosophy to math & science.  Check out Coursera to take your learning to the next level or enhance your current studies.

3. Codeacademy

Want to learn or expand your current coding skills?  Codeacademy is a free option to help you learn to code or improve your skills. It features an interactive learning style, that shows you how to code and lets you learn as you go.  You can learn such languages as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Will you be trying out any of these free learning resources?  Let us know how they go in the comments!