Believe it or not Myspace is still around and kicking.  The social media site has waned in recent years from it's former top spot of glory in the social networking scene back in the days when Facebook was only open to college students.

Notable investors like Justin Timberlake have been trying to reinvigorate the former social media giant. The question remains will it be successful? In a world of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, do people need another social media network to join? Can it compete?

Myspace certainly believes it can. Just check out their new video showing off the new and vastly improved Myspace.

The new Myspace features a sleek new, some might even say Pinteresting layout.  Images are obviously highly featured, as is music.  Music has been the only thing Myspace has had going for it lately.  It has embraced this, and now gives artists the ability to curate playlists, and even check out the demographics of the audience listening to their music.

New Myspace isn't ready yet, and no release date is currently planned. You can put your email name on a mailing list to get notified when it does go live. For now Soon is the only time fame fans, and curious onlookers have.

Can Myspace find it's niche as the music social network? Or is that already filled by services like Spotify?