Are you a celebrity?  Do you love to share videos with your fan?  This infographic by Vodio illustrates how different celebrities share videos.  These celebrities share for different reasons, with different content and all return different results.  What is the best strategy for you? Lets take a look. If you look at this graphic Justin Beiber achieves the highest degree of virality of his video shares, even though he only shares on average 1 video per day. Others who share more videos do not achieve the same level of exposure.  A high level of virality allows the video to reach more people and get greater exposure and publicity. The lesson here is more isn't always better, quality over quantity.

A good celebrity media management plan can help a celebrity insure their content reaches their fans as well as goes viral to increase their fan-base. Good content will also help a video spread. The most viral content is a video that is new and exciting, perhaps about a new gadget, an upcoming event, breaking fashion news, or the newest look at a celebrity's newest project.  Celebrity media management can greatly enhance a celebrity's brand and enable them to grow and interact with their fanbase in a meaningful way.