Check out 10 of our favorite resources for designers! From inspiration to tools we have you covered with these awesome sites!

1. Site Inspire

Site inspire is a great site to get inspiration. It's a showcase of great sites from around the 'net. Brand new sites are featured daily so you never have to fear stale content.  They also have other resources like a job board and directory of designers and agencies. Overall it's a great site not only for designers but anyone looking to have a website created.

2. CreativeBloq

CreativeBloq provides news, tutorials and resources for designers, developers, and other creatives.  From industry trends to tutorials you can brush up on your skills and stay up to date on the latest design news and trends.

3. .Net Magazine

.Net is one of the world's largest design publications. Their online resources are just as valuable as their print ones.  They offer tutorials, news, interviews and more.  Get the latest industry news from industry professionals!

4. Mashable

Get the latest news from the latest Facebook aquisition to the latest development of the Apple vs. Samsung drama.  Mashable is your go to spot for tech, social media news and more.

5. Web Design Shock

Web Design Shock provides valuable and often free resources for the web design community.  Need a script? Maybe a nice vector tutorial? Or just some web design tips? Web Design Shock has tons of useful information for you.

6. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is another awesome magazine for web designers and developers. They have great articles, tutorials, freebies and more.  From passive income generation ideas, to designing with retina displays in mind Smashing covers it all.

7. DeviantART

DeviantART is a diverse art community, from illustration, to traditional media, skins, and logos there's a little something for everyone.  Get inspiration or connect to hobbist and professional artists & designers.  Many Deviants also offer resources from Photoshop brushes, to wall papers, to textures. If you need a resource or just want to connect with other creatives check out dA.

8. daFont

Need a font? daFont has thousands of fonts to choose from. From casual script to icons and more there's a font for every need.  Create fonts? You can upload your fonts here too.

9. All Top

Staying up on top of the all the latest news is a challenge.  Save time and get your news all in one spot. From CNN to Mashable, Seth Godin to Chris Brogan all are here with your top headlines from your favorite news outlets and blogs.

10. Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts provides a variety of free & open source fonts for use through their API.  No longer worry about visitors having the correct font installed on their system, let Google Web Fonts handle it and be free to use fonts beyond the traditional web safe choices.

Check out our favorite resources and tell us what you think in the comments! Did we miss a really great resource? There are so many out there we probably did! So let us know what we are missing in the comments, we love finding new resources to use and share.