Were you at the movies this weekend? If you were chances are you were one of the millions seeing the latest Bond flick, SkyfallSkyfall topped the box office this weekend by a wide margin with $87.8 million in the US and $430 million world wide.  How did the rest of the competition stack up?  Here is the weekend box office top 10:

  1. Skyfall $87.8 million
  2. Wreck it Ralph $33 million
  3. Flight $15.1 million
  4. Argo $6.7 million
  5. Taken 2 $4 million
  6. Here Comes the Boom $2.55 million
  7. Cloud Atlas $2.5 million
  8. Pitch Perfect $2.5 million
  9. The Man with the Iron Fists $2.49 million
  10. Hotel Transylvania $2.3 million

Did you see Skyfall this weekend? Do you have plans to see it? Let us know in the comments (just watch the spoilers).