YouTube Connects Channels to Fans
YouTube Connects Channels to Fans

You started a new YouTube channel, or maybe you are looking for new and improved ways to expand your reach and find new fans.  If only there was some sort of tool...a fan finder of sorts, to help you reach these potential new fans.  If only it was free...

You might want to take a seat for this. Brace yourself.  There is such a program. YouTube has a brand new feature aptly named Fan Finder, which does just that. It's a new, free service that connects channels with fans.  All channels need to do is to create a short introductory video.  This video will be shown as a video ad before videos that reach similar audiences interested in your channel.

To ensure the best rate of success YouTube suggests that fan finder videos are short, engaging, entertaining, and have a strong message.  Video ads can be skipped after only 5 seconds so to receive the best engagement they must capture their audience nearly immediately.

If you are interested in creating a Fan Finder video, YouTube has all the resources you need.  They include best practices, and how to guides and sample videos that are already in use by the program.

No matter if you are an established YouTube channel or just getting started there's little reason not to take advantage of this new program.  Are you part of the Fan Finder program? Have you seen results from it? Share your experience with us in the comments!