How to Turn Your Social Media Presence into Website Traffic

We talk a lot about how to improve your social media presence, but what happens when you already have a strong social media presence? As you may have discovered simply having a strong social media presence doesn't mean that you will automatically have a ton of traffic heading to your website.  If you want to use your already strong social media following to drive traffic to your site here are the tips you need to know:

1. Talk about your site!

If your fans and followers don’t know about your site they won’t go. So give it a mention once and a while. This is especially important if you are a celebrity or musician who has a lot of fan sites out there. Let your fans know where your official site is and what features it offers.

2. Exclusive Content

This could be in the form of blog post, photos or even videos. Give your fans something special they won’t find anywhere else. Of course your content will also need a little promotion, so refer to #1. Promote that content!

3. Link to Your Site

Most social networks have a profile section for your website; make sure you fill it in! Don’t forget to add links to your site in your email signature as well. It may seem old school, but it’s just another way of spreading the word about your site.

4. Have a Great Site

Make sure your site is up to par. No one will want to stick around on your site if they can't access it on their device or it’s illegible or hard to navigate. Your site should look like it was built recently and not in the late 90’s. Your site should also be mobile friendly and work in any of the major browsers. If your site isn't looking its best and could use a refresh, or maybe it just doesn't represent you well anymore, get in touch! We'd be happy to help!

5. Promote Your Site and It’s Content

Yes, this was already mentioned, but it can’t be stressed enough! Promote your site! You don't have to become a pushy salesman or be overly spammy about it, but add in the self promotion updates to what you usually post about. If you are creating wonderful, useful and interesting content on your site, your followers and fans will be thrilled to know about it!

There are many marketers and businesses out there who would love to have a social media presence as good as yours! By not promoting your own site to those fans you are missing out on a big traffic source and potentially revenue! You can turn your social media fans into website traffic! Do you have any other tips for increasing traffic to your site from your social media fan bases? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!