Thinking of Ditching Your Facebook Page? Read This.
Thinking of Ditching Your Facebook Page? Read This.

There has been some dissent among the ranks of some Facebook Page owners. They have been displeased with the performance that their pages have had and now question if having a Facebook Page is even worth it. Before you decide to leave the social network for good, here's what you should consider.

Facebook is the Largest Social Network

Across demographics Facebook is the largest and most populous social network around. It has the potential to allow Pages to reach billions of people. No other social networks offer the same potential. Google+, even with its integration with other Google services doesn't offer the same potential.

Look at Your Referrals

Before leaving a social network, take a look at the referrals and leads that it has generated. Does it drive a lot of traffic to your site? If you leave Facebook, would your traffic and lead generation suffer? Would you be able to cover those losses elsewhere? These are important statistics than can literally be money in your pocket, think carefully before walking away from them.

Look at the Bigger Picture

Facebook Pages are more than their reach. Do you have a community? Will you just abandon those fans? Do your fans only use Facebook to connect with you, or do you also have connections with them from other sources? Communities can live on even if the Page goes silent. Will there be negative repercussions to your reputation or other social networks?

Is it Facebook or Your Content?

Is Facebook really your problem? Or is your content to blame for poor page performance? It's important to take a good hard look at your own Page management to ensure it is working to your advantage. Evaluate and monitor your content closely to determine if there is room for improvement. Test new content, copy and images, or reach out to your fans to determine what types of content they want to see or how your Page can benefit them.

Not every brand needs to be on social media, or any one specific social network.  However, brands should think long and hard before leaving a network they already have a presence on. Other social networks may offer a more direct link to your target demographics, and should be explored. However, the benefits and consequences of leaving a social network should be carefully weighed.