How to Stand Out On Google+

Google + still remains a mystery to many social media marketers. While it’s tempting to compare it to Facebook thanks to their many similarities, Google+ remains its own network with its own community and rules. What may work on one social network may not work on another. Learning how to best utilize Google+ can be a challenge, but with these tips you will be using Google+ like a pro in no time.

Complete Your Profile

Filling out your profile is always an important first step in any social network, but with Google+’s profiles it’s even more important. Profiles allow for a wide range of information including areas for contact information, links, summary areas where you can explain what your brand is all about. Of course there’s also the visual element of your profile; the user icon and the header image both of which can be customized to show off your brand’s personality.

Use Visuals

Google+ is an extremely visual-friendly place. While it’s not solely built on the visual concept like Instagram, it still offers lots of visual real estate to take advantage of. Images can be edited with built in filters and shared images given wide space in the Stream so those in your circles can easily see your eye-catching visuals.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are every bit as important on Google+ as on Twitter or Instagram. Use your hashtags to get more eyes on your content and discover new content that is relevant to you and your brand. Just remember to use your hashtags responsibly! While using many hashtags may be the norm on Instagram, it’s not on Google+. Keep your hashtag usage to only a few hashtags that are relevant to your post’s topic.

Post Multiple Times per Day

There’s a lot of discussion about how often you should post on Twitter, or Facebook, but less information on Google+. According to Buffer, posting 2 to as many as 5 times a day is the perfect frequency to get more engagement on your posts. Try Buffer’s advice, and don’t be afraid to experiment to see what works for you.

Format Your Posts

Did you know Google+ lets you format your posts? Underline, bold, strikethrough, it’s all there waiting to add some visual interest and emphasis to your next post. As simple as it sounds, most social networks don’t offer this feature. Now is the time to use this feature to make your content stand out.

Be Yourself

As always with social networks, be yourself! Let your brand’s personality shine through and post authentic content that stays true to your brand’s ideals. No matter the social network, fans will always be able to see through fake personas and have little interest in boring jargon. Let your brand’s personality shine and your fans will respond.

Don’t be intimidated by Google+. You can stand out on this social network and get the engagement you are looking for. Google+ is inhabited by many people just waiting to connect with you. It’s not the social ghost town you may have been lead to believe. Do you have any other tips to stand out on Google+? Share them with us in the comments!