Snapchat Hacked with Fruit Smoothies |
Snapchat Hacked with Fruit Smoothies |

Don't be fooled by those delicious smoothies on Snapchat. It's the latest hack to hit a major app.  The fruit smoothie pictures include links to spammy sites — so don't click them!

Interestingly, Wired reports that this Snapchat hack isn't the result of a brute force attack. Instead, the malevolent users used the correct user and password combinations on the first try. This may suggest that the credentials were obtained via phishing or perhaps some other hack.

This hack highlights the reasons why users should always choose unique login credentials for all accounts they create. Additionally, users should never share their credentials with anyone — and always ensure they are entering them only into legitimate sites.

If you are a Snapchat user and have clicked fruit smoothies or sent fruit smoothies from your account, it's time to change your password! As always be cautious about strange and out of character links or updates from your friends on any social network — those are often the result of a hack or virus!

Fortunately Snapchat is aware of the issue and is trying to find the source of the leak. Until it's secured, be extra cautious while using Snapchat!