How to Share Your Blog Post to Instagram


You share your content to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even Pinterest, but what about Instagram? Instagram is a valuable (and often underused) way to get your content in front of even more people!

While Instagram now has a web component, the only way you can share images to Instagram is through your mobile device. It's a multistep process and proves to be a little more manual than we are used to, but has a big payoff.  Here’s how you can share your blog posts to Instagram to drive traffic and increase engagement.

Step 1: Get Your Image to Your Mobile Device

Does your blog post have an awesome visual to go along with it? It should! Use this or another catchy image (meme, quotes, etc.) to anchor your post. You can go about this in a number of different ways:

  • Email the image to yourself and open it on your mobile device
  • Upload the image to cloud storage (ex. Dropbox) and open it through your mobile device
  • Transfer files via S Beam, NFC, VPN or Bluetooth

Step 2: Add your image to Instagram

Select your image from your gallery folder, Dropbox folder or any other location where you have it saved. Edit your image if you desire using Instagram’s built in tools. Once your image is ready to be uploaded, proceed to the next screen.

Step 3: Add Your Copy and Links

Now is the time to add your copy. Tell people why they should check out your latest and greatest post with instructions on how to view it. Because URL's placed in the Instagram comments section are not hyperlinks, we recommend adding the link to your Bio with a call to action in the comments section (Ex. "Visit the link in my bio!"). That's not to say you can't add the plain text version of the link within the comment, just make sure is short and easy to transpose. (Try using a custom link shortener like to create custom, memorable links.)

Once you've created a pathway for your followers to access your content, now make it accessible for larger audiences. Add any relevant hashtags that relate to your post topic and niche. Since Instagram loves hashtags, feel free to use more than you would on Facebook or Twitter here.

ProTip: If you are posting this blog post to your other social media accounts at the same time, avoid linking this Instagram post to your other accounts to avoid spamming your followers there.

Step 4: Publish Your Post

Submit your finished Instagram and you are done! Congrats!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to do this? Yeah, it would. Unfortunately due to how Instagram’s API currently is, the options are limited. There are some third-party apps that let you upload directly from your desktop as well as providing other services like the ability to schedule posts, such as Instapult or ScheduGram.


Sharing your blog posts on Instagram is another way to drive traffic to your site. It may take a little bit of work, but the results are well worth it. Do you share your blog posts to Instagram? Share your experience with us in the comments!