The Pinterest API Is Finally Going Public!
The Pinterest API Is Finally Going Public!

Ever wish you could schedule posts? or that it had IFTTT integration? Wouldn't it be great if your blog posts could automatically post to your Pinterest boards? There's been one thing holding this back: lack of a public API.  APIs or Application Programming Interfaces allow developers to create programs to interact with other programs. Twitter and Facebook have made their APIs public,, that's why there are any number of different third party apps that you can use to update your status or display tweets.

Pinterest, until recently, hasn't made such information public.  Some third party companies have developed work-arounds using scraped data to allow things like scheduled posting.  However this isn't the easiest or the best route to use for app development.

Fortunately, Pinterest has taken the first step and will be releasing a portion of it's API to the public.  While scheduled Pins might not be on the horizon just yet, some other features will be available.  Pinterest's API will allow developers to access analytics data including:

  • Top Pins
  • Domain Search
  • Most Recent Pins
  • Related Pins

The API will be rolled out to specific companies before it goes out to the rest of the public community.  The initial 20 partners include Buzzfeed, AllRecipes, and  NBC.  However, developers can request to be admitted to access the API as soon as possible can sign up for access here.

It will be exciting to see how the release of this API will bring changes to existing apps and Pinterest website integrations. Are you planning on making use of Pinterest's API? Share your thoughts in the comments!