With over 67% of all web traffic going to video, if you aren't using videos as part of your marketing you are missing out! Getting started with video doesn't have to be overwhelming. Learn what you need to know before uploading your first video by checking out this infographic fromGryffin.

YouTube is the second most visited site on the internet. It's also the number one name when it comes to online videos. With one billion views a month and more reach for the 18-34 year old demographic than cable networks, YouTube may just be the secret weapon in your marketing arsenal. The key to successful YouTube videos is showing off your brand's personality. Humorous and informative videos are great ways to connect with your audience.

Vimeo is another big name in the online video world. It's seen as YouTube's sleeker, prettier competitor.  It features high quality videos and a sleek user interface. Vimeo may not be the best network to expand your reach, however if you want to host high quality video content it is a great option.

Google Hangouts are an easy way to actually interact with your fans and customers.  Hangouts can also be recorded and shared at a later time.  Hangouts are great for instructional or information content from how-tos to question and answer sessions.

Instagram and Vine both offer short duration video services. Vine's integration with Twitter, and Instagram's integration with Facebook also make them ideal for sharing content across those social networks.  Videos for Instagram and Vine should be short and entertaining. Now is the time to really show off your brand's creativity and personality.

Video can be a tremendous asset to your online marketing offering a new way to connect with fans, followers and customers. Videos offer the ability to go beyond the normal and unleash your brand's creativity and personality while at the same time providing valuable information to your customers. Do you use video in your marketing? Share your most successful video with us in the comments!