Social Media for Small Business

It's not uncommon for small businesses to struggle with social media. Larger businesses have the benefits of being able to focus more resources to their social media marketing efforts while smaller ones often do not. The Insurance Octopus has created this infographic to help small businesses get the most out of their social media efforts.

For small businesses to be successful on social media they must focus their efforts on the right platforms for their business. Limiting efforts to the main social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter will help focus small business campaigns and ensure that they are active. The key is to not overreach and ensure that there are enough resources to manage the campaigns on the social network(s) that you choose.

Understanding your target audience is key. It's important to know the basics of what makes your target audience tick. This includes their gender, age and interests. Knowing their interests will help you develop engaging and successful social media campaigns and determine which social networks will let you connect with your audience.

Before you jump into your social media campaigns it's important to take time to plan out your efforts. Determine the voice and tone of your posts, as well as establish guidelines for the creation and use of visuals. Be consistent with the branding and tones you have already established in your current marketing endeavors. Deviating from your branding will lead to confusion among your audience. The planning doesn't stop there. Time spent planning your content will go far to help your content be of high quality and engaging for your audience. Developing a content calendar will help you to design campaigns that are effective.

As tempting as it is for small businesses to think social media is free, the reality is different. While the services may be free time and effort spent creating content and being active on social media accounts all add up. By focusing their efforts on the channels that are the most effective for them small businesses can reap the rewards social media has to offer while still keeping their bottom line in mind. Of course there may always be room for some help, so if you need help with your social media managementget in touch.

Infographic: Social Media For Small Businesses
Infographic: Social Media For Small Businesses