Social Media Posting Dead Zones – When Not to Post on Social Media


You probably have wondered when the best time to post on a given social media network is, but have you wondered when the worst time to post is? Posting at the best posting times should be part of any social media campaign, however, don't forget the equally important question of when not to post. If you are posting when your target audience isn't active, is it even worth the trouble?

Think one size fits all? Nope. Just like the variations in best posting times, the worst times to post on social media also change depending on network. Without further ado, here are the social media posting dead zones:

The Worst Times to Post on Social Media:

Twitter: Overnight (8pm - 8am)

Facebook: Early Morning (12am-8am)

LinkedIn: 9am-5pm

Instagram: Early Morning (12am-8pm)

Pinterest: Early Morning & Dinner Time (1am-7am & 5-7pm)

Google+: Dinner Time through Overnight (6pm -8am)

These timeframes represent the variances in the populations of each social network. Your audience may vary of course, especially if you have an international audience or one that spans multiple time frames. Even so you can use these times to help plan your posts in your native time zone as well as others.

Posting at the best times to post and avoiding posting at the worst and least active times can help you optimize your posting schedule and get the most out of your posts. However, use these times as guidelines or starting points. Your own data may tell a different story! Have you found that your own audience has the same posting dead zones? Or do you find this infographic accurate? Share your experiences in the comments!

Infographic: Social Media Posting Deadzones
Infographic: Social Media Posting Deadzones

Infographic by SumAll.