Social Media 2014 The Astounding Numbers Behind Your Favorite Social Networks

Social media networks are always in flux. There's no shortage of expert claims of the imminent demise of Facebook and speculation on the next hot social network. Where do the social networks really stand? How active are their users and how many users do they really have? This infographic takes a look at the current state of social networks this year.


With 1.28 billion active monthly users, claims that Facebook is dead or dying are premature at best. Facebook remains one of the best ways to reach a large number of people no matter the audience you are targeting. 72% of all adults check Facebook at least once a month. With over 50 million Facebook Pages it's no wonder page managers struggle to stand out.  However, all those unlikes, rest squarely with the efforts of the pages themselves, the most common reason someone unlikes a page is simple: boring content.


Is Google+ the wasteland of social media that it is assumed to be? 540 million active users say otherwise. However, visitors only spend an average of 7 minutes per month on the platform. So marketers must make what time they do spend there count. On the positive side for brands, most interactions on Google+ tend to be positive.


With 255 million active users sending over 500 million tweets every day Twitter is one of the most active platforms around. Most of Twitter's users are mobile that means optimizing your Twitter content for mobile should be a high priority!


Instagram's 200 million active users have shared a whopping 20 billion photos! Instagram users are active and love to share photos of their lives. Teens in particular like Instagram with nearly a quarter of teens saying it's their favorite social media network. Instagram's growth isn't slowing down anytime soon. It's had 50 million brand new users sign up in the last 6 months.


The premier professional social network has 187 million active users. With 2 new users signing up every second many of those new users are recent graduates and college students. If you are looking for the next member of your team LinkedIn is a must.


Pinterest has 40 million active users out of it's 70 million total accounts. This boasts one of the highest active rates among social networks. 80% of Pinterest's users are women, and of those users they are very likely to remain active once they have signed up for an account. This applies to both the male and female users of the site.


With over 40 million users Vine has changed how we think of video. 5 Vines are tweeted every second, expanding the reach of this social network far beyond Vine itself to the whole of Twitter as well.


Snapchat has 30 million active users, of which 70% are female. 400 million snapchats are sent every single day, but don't worry only 5% of those are selfies!  Snapchat has changed the nature of messaging with it's ethereal take on messaging.


YouTube sports 1 billion users, with 6 billion hours of videos watched every single month. 100 hours of video are uploaded every single month. The impact YouTube has had on how the internet consumes and watches video is vast.


Want your blog to stand out? Sure, you and the 6.7 million other blogs out there! The good news for bloggers is that 77% of all internet users read blogs. If you are blogging for business then you are setting yourself up for success. Companies with blogs have 97% more inbound links than those without, as well as 67% more leads.

Infographic: Social Media 2014
Infographic: Social Media 2014