Posting Power - Tracking Your Social Media Data and ROI

Measuring the ROI of social media continues to be a tricky topic. Fortunately, by tracking your social media data you can measure your success, influence and the ROI of your efforts. Here are the 5 metrics you should be measuring as well as some great tools to help you find the data you need.

1. Referring Traffic

Use your analytics to measure the referrals that social media sends to your site.

2. Your Content's Quality and Relevance

Analytics will also help you find out what content your audience loves. Pay close attention to unique page views, time on page, and total pages viewed.

3. Share of Voice

How much of the talk in your industry or niche is yours? You can find out by using tools like social mention to discover your brands mentions as well as those of your competitors. This information will allow you to figure out your share of voice.

4. Community Size and Engagement

CRMs or Customer Relationship Management tools will allow you to monitor and track your communities. Large, active communities are ideal, however don't underestimate the influence of a smaller, but passionate, community.

5. Sentiment

Using tools like Social Mention or Mention will allow you to track conversations about your brand or niche. Gauging the sentiment of these messages will allow you to discover what people think of your brand.

Additionally, all social networks have their own trackable metrics. Most also provide some form of analytics or insights to help you track your data. Third party options are also available for most platforms. Platform specific data will help you not only discover what works and what doesn't work on a given platform, but give greater insight into your overall social media influence.

All of this data adds up! Managing it all on different platforms isn't always the most productive way to keep track of your data. There are third party dashboard solutions to help keep track of all the data you have collected such as Heartbeat and Netvibes.

Measuring your social media data will not only let you keep track of your social media ROI, but also the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. Managing your social media efforts and learning from the data that is presented will help your social media influence to grow for increased success.

If you need help with your social media marketing efforts, consider reaching out to a professional team to help you reach your goals!

Infographic: Posting Power - Tracking Your Social Media Data
Infographic: Posting Power - Tracking Your Social Media Data