How Online Merchants Can Take Off With Twitter

Do you sell items online? Think Twitter isn't for you? Think again! Twitter can be a great help to online retailers not only by promoting your products, but also as another avenue for new customers to discover you!

Twitter users love to follow small businesses, on average each Twitter user follows 21 small businesses and over half of them have discovered new small businesses through Twitter! Increasing your brand recognition is great, but what about turning fans into customers, you may wonder.  Twitter is great for that as well! 60% of Twitter users have purchased from a small business on Twitter because of Twitter. It doesn't stop there, Twitter is a great tool to improve the relationship between your small business and your customers, 73% of Twitter users feel better about a small business after they read their tweets. Think those follows don't matter? They do! 86% of Twitter users plan on making a purchase from a small business after they follow them!

Twitter users follow small businesses to learn about new products, receive offers and get notification about sales, events, news, and show their support for the small business. Twitter followers are passionate fans of your small business who want to learn more about it and support you! You can increase their loyalty by responding to them, and listening to them.

Many small businesses have seen great success from their social media marketing efforts on Twitter, and yours can too! No matter what you sell online you can use Twitter to find and connect with loyal fans that are looking for your products. Are you a small business that has found success through Twitter? Share your experience in the comments!

Infographic: How Online Merchants Can Take Off With Twitter
Infographic: How Online Merchants Can Take Off With Twitter