Mobile & Social Converge

Mobile and social are more closely intertwined than ever before. More and more social media users are accessing their accounts through their mobile devices and in turn driving mobile traffic to sites.

Mobile social media users access social media networks more often and are more active on social media networks. Those mobile social media users aren't just the younger crowd, they range in age from 18-44 and spend 86% of their mobile time on social networks.  Facebook gets 65% of it's traffic from mobile devices, while Twitter gets an amazing 75% of it's traffic from mobile devices.

So what does all this mobile traffic mean to you? With so many social media users on mobile devices, the it's more important than ever to ensure the content you are sharing there is mobile friendly. From the links to the videos if they can't access your content you are going to lose traffic. Now, more than ever, your site, landing pages, and email sign up and lead generation forms must be mobile friendly! With 60% of consumers saying that social integration makes them more likely to share products and services don't forget to include social integration on your mobile friendly site, landing pages, and apps!

When targeting your audience, keep in mind that mobile users will be using apps in different ways at different times. Desktop users are always at their desks, while mobile users are on the go. Knowing how and when your audience is using an app will let you develop successful social media campaigns that compliment and draw upon your audiences' experience.

Social media and mobile don't live in a vacuum. Knowing how they are both used simultaneously will help you market to your audience successfully no matter where they are.

Infographic: Mobile & Social Converge
Infographic: Mobile & Social Converge