Is your Facebook Page's reach going down? Are you one of the many social media marketers wondering how you should combat your falling reach on Facebook? If so this is the infographic for you! You can survive this bump in the road and improve your page's reach with these 4 tips from Offerpop.

1. Optimize Your Post Performance

Test your posts! Try various types of content from status updates to videos to images. Monitor your posts engagement and impact. You may find that certain types of posts may lead to more clickthroughs, while others may lead to more engagement. While post type is important, don't forget the other variables you must account for such as posting times, copy and calls to action. Test for each element of your post to determine which ones are successful, and which ones are not.

2. Encourage Content Sharing From Consumers

This can include promotions and photo sharing contests as well as simply encouraging your fans to share photos of them using your products. You can also partner with celebrities, bloggers and other influencers to drive even more interest and engagement.

3. Go Multi-Network!

Your Facebook strategy should be inline with a bigger digital marketing strategy. It should support and supplement the work you do on other social media, digital and even real life channels. You can do this by using the same hashtags across all social networks and cross promoting content.

4. Look at the Data

There's tons of social data available. Use it to your advantage! Gain insights into your customers’ motivations, and goals. The better you know your target audience the better able you are to connect with them and show them content they are excited to see. Collect email address, use ad retargeting, collect user generated content and collect user clickthrough data. All of this information will allow you to build better more successful campaigns.

Some pages may find their reach shrinking. However, it doesn't have to be this way! Take a moment to reflect and reexamine your approach and you may find that with some adjustment you can turn your reach around and be more successful than ever. Do you have any other tips to share to improve your Facebook page reach? Share them with us in the comments!

The Marketer's Survival Kit for the Facebook Reach Decline
The Marketer's Survival Kit for the Facebook Reach Decline