Are You Maintaining A Healthy Twitter Feed?


Is your Twitter feed healthy? Do you mix up your posts to keep your followers happy and engaged? A Twitter feed, like your diet, should serve a variety of tastes to ensure you don't slip into the habit of only talking about yourself and neglecting your followers. Sprout Social has created this infographic to help you balance your Twitter account's diet and ensure your feed is happy and healthy.

A healthy Twitter account serves up posts from a variety of post types. The 5 basic groups of post types are:

  • Interactive Posts
  • Relevant Posts
  • Educational Posts
  • Promotional Posts
  • Personality Posts

Interactive posts are posts that encourage your audience to participate. Asking/ answering questions and participating in conversations fall into this category. This should be the post type that you use the most frequently.

Relevant posts include interesting content that is relevant to your industry. This can be your own content or curated content from others. Also share content relevant to your brand's personality — it doesn't have to be all business all the time!

Educational posts include posts that help to inform your audience about your products or services. These can include howto videos, tips, and tricks to get more from your products and other related topics.

Promotional posts are posts that promote your products and services. It's all to easy to get sucked into sharing this post type most often, but restrain yourself! Self promotion is fine — when tempered with other posts as well.

Personality posts show off your brand's personality. From edgy and humorous to sophisticated and glamorous, share content the shares your brands beliefs, and personality. This type of content helps your followers connect on a personal level with your brand and demonstrate there's more than just the company face.

Keeping your Twitter account healthy takes daily practice. Always strive to include a healthy helping of all 5 of these content types in your daily posts. Your fans will appreciate the fresh content and engagement! Are there any Twitter post types that were not included on this infographic but should be? Share your additions with us in the comments!

Are You Maintaining a Healthy Twitter Feed?