Infographic- How to Increase Pinterest  Engagement by 275% |
Infographic- How to Increase Pinterest Engagement by 275% |

Looking to improve you engagement on Pinterest? Look no further! This infographic by QuickSprout could help you to boost your Pinterest engagement by 275%!

First, why should you use Pinterest? There are several reasons a brand should be on Pinterest. It is one of the favored social networks for females, specifically American moms. If this is your target demographic you may be missing a huge opportunity to connect.  Pinterest also boasts nice and lengthy 'time spent on site' totals; on average visitors spend 98 minutes browsing Pinterest! In case that's not convincing enough, Pinterest traffic has a 50% higher conversion rate than traffic from other sources!

Those are great reasons to be on Pinterest! Now on to the good stuff: How to increase your engagement. It may surprise you to learn that there's one simple action that can increase your engagement by 80%. What is it? Simple: Calls to Action. Just ask your visitors for engagement! Additionally adding prices to your products can increase engagement by 30%! Also, tutorials and How-To pins drive a 42% higher engagement rate!

Of course since Pinterest is a social media network it pays to be social as well. Repinning other's content, liking other's pins and commenting all will improve your engagement as well. The more social you are the more social others will be with you!