Infographic: The Character Traits of a Popular Facebook Page  |
Infographic: The Character Traits of a Popular Facebook Page |

As with people, Facebook pages have their own personality! Some of these attributes are result in more successes than others. Take a look at the many personalities of Facebook pages in this infographic from Wishpond.

Visually Orientated

Pages that post visual content receive much more engagement than those that don't. 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are visual.


Spammers create profitable incomes by setting up fan pages to later sell to affiliates. Do you really want to be this personality type?


It's the little things that matter; like responding to your fans! Participating in real conversations with your fans is just one of the many little things you can do to easily increase your fan page engagement! Show your fans you care!


Growing a social media presence takes time. Demanding your customers take notice of you may not always be the most successful way to go about it. Have you tried being polite? Asking nicely is proven to inspire results!


Fun and engaging, these pages enjoy reaching out to their fans on Facebook (and other social networks like LinkedIn). Never underestimate the power of a little enthusiasm!

What personality type (or combination of personality types) is your page? Share your thoughts in the comments!