Infographic: 7 Social Media Marketing Trends 2014

Keeping up with the latest social media trends can be a difficult challenge. Staying one step ahead of the curve can give you a valuable boost in exposure. The social media marketing report has been released for 2014, and from it Social Media Examiner has pulled 7 important trends social media marketers should be aware of this year.

1. Brand Exposure

Why do brands and businesses use social media? There are many different answers, however, as it turns out most social media marketers overwhelmingly agree: they use it for brand exposure. It's been said that selling to people on social media is like selling to people while they are hanging out at their favorite bar. Saving your sales pitch for another format, such as email marketing may prove more successful than attempting to drive sales through social media.

2. Visuals

The trend to a more visual approach will see no sign of slowing. 70% of marketers are planning on increasing their visual asset usage. This means more memes and infographics. If you haven't jumped on the visual band wagon yet, it's time! All social networks have placed an emphasis on visuals.

3. Blogging

68% of marketers will also increase their blogging with 58% of marketers saying that original written content is the most important content form for their business. Blogging isn't a fad, those who can create engaging content will continue to see results from it. Combining blogging with visuals will be a recipe for success.

4. Google+

Are you on Google+? The social network continues to mystify marketers. However, they also see it as a great area to improve. The future of Google+ seems more uncertain than ever, however, with that uncertainty there is also the lure of success. The time of overlooking Google+ is over, now it's time to put it to work for your brand.

5. Podcasting

Do you podcast? Only 6% of marketers do, however, 28% want to improve their knowledge of the area. Podcasting offers a great way to connect with your audience in a personal way. It's also a great way to stand out from the crowd and give your audience something different. Everyone has a blog, but only very few have a podcast.

6. Facebook

Facebook isn't dead. With over 90% of marketers using Facebook ads and 58% of them saying Facebook is the most important network for their brand, the network has a long way to go before it can be considered dead. While there may be a lot of complaints about Facebook, as long as brands keep in mind the reason they are there: to connect with fans and provide their fans with the content they actually want to see they can continue to see success on that social network.

7. How Do You Measure ROI?

If there's one thing social media marketers have struggled with since the beginning it's been measuring ROI. To this day it continues to perplex and confuse social media marketers. Some claim that measuring ROI can be done, others that it can't be as the reasons for being on it are more ethereal. Social media does offer some concrete metrics that can be measured such as referral traffic, and others that are less tangible such as brand recognition and reputation. Unfortunately there may be no hard and fast way to definitively determine ROI, marketers will have to continue carefully developing campaigns and measuring their results for the metrics support their goals.

social media examiner marketing trends infographic

Social media marketing trends for 2014 from Social Media Examiner.