5 Surprising Figures you Need to Know to Improve your Twitter Strategy


Are you wondering how you can improve your performance on Twitter? Did you know one of the biggest areas for improvement on social media is in the handling of mentions of their brand? Mention has compiled an infographic based on data of thousands of brand mentions and has delivered some actionable advice that you can use to improve your Twitter performance right now.

On average companies and brands are mentioned 39 times a day. Unfortunately for brands they may not always notice them as 30.72% do not include the brand's official Twitter handle, making these tweets easy to miss. These tweets are often feedback, both positive and negative, as well as potential leads! Don't miss out on valuable customer service opportunities and prospective customers by not actively searching for your brand name.

Most tweets are discussing your company, but are not directed at your company. Only 9% of tweets start with @ mentions. That leaves the rest of the mentions as discussions about your brand. This can be the perfect opportunity to jump into discussions and answer questions about your brand, or use it as an opportunity to improve customer relations.

If you are scared of negative tweets on Twitter, you can relax! Of all tweets that mention a brand or company only 60% of them get retweeted. You can help counter any negative mentions by retweeting positive mentions. Always remember to keep your conversations real. Interacting with customers or potential customers on Twitter is no different than if you were interacting with them in real life in a brick and mortar location. So treat them accordingly.

If you think your social media efforts end at 5pm, you're wrong! Twitter is 24/7/365 days a year! 60% of mentions come after (or before) business hours. Be sure to account for this when planning your tweets and develop a plan for dealing with after hours Twitter issues that may arise. Always plan your tweets for the times your fans are the most active, even if that's not during your usual business hours!

You can get more from Twitter by aptly monitoring your mentions on Twitter. The key points to remember are:

  • Mentions don't always start with a @, plan accordingly!
  • Keep customer interactions real, always!
  • Don't limit your tweets to 9-5 or business hours, be there when your followers are!
[Infographic] 5 Surprising Figures you Need to Know to Improve your Twitter Strategy
[Infographic] 5 Surprising Figures you Need to Know to Improve your Twitter Strategy