Get More Facebook Engagement With These 5 Tips | LOLSMG
Get More Facebook Engagement With These 5 Tips | LOLSMG

Are you struggling to get or increase your Facebook engagement levels? It can be frustrating when post after post receives little or no engagement. However, don't give up! All social marketers have been there. Improve your engagement with these tips.

1. Share Interesting & Useful Content

Remember the 80/20 rule; share 80% of other's content and only 20% of your own. Try sharing information or images that are relevant to your audiences. How-to articles and useful tips may be especially popular. Anything that solves a problem your audience might have. Keep your content interesting and fresh.

2. Use Different Post Types

It's easy to get stuck in the rut of posting only status updates, pictures and articles. However, you are missing out on many other types of content! Don't forget videos, and events! By posting different post types you keep your content fresh, you can also learn what type of content is most engaging to your audience.

3. Engage! Be Human!

This might seem like a no-brainer, but engage your audience! Ask them questions and respond to their inquiries and comments.  Start conversations.  Treat your audience like the real people they are, and soon they will start to see your Page as a real person as well, not just a faceless brand.

4. Use Your Analytics

Know what times of day are the best time to post, and post then! Regularly review your analytics data to learn when your fans are the most active. It may change over time and you may even have different groups active at different times. Take this into account when you are planning your posts. As tempting as it is to just shoot off a post, take a look at your analytics data first.

5. Be Yourself (or Your Brand)

It's simple. Just be yourself. Your fans have liked you because of the brand you already have. Don't try to be like another successful brand if that's not what you are. It is confusing and will deter fans. Be genuine and true to your brand. Fans will see through any fake pretense.

Do you have any other tips to increase your Facebook page engagement? Share them with us in the comments!