How to Conduct a 5 Minute Social Media Audit

When was the last time you took a moment to review your social media efforts? If you can’t remember the last time you reviewed your social media campaigns it’s time to take a break from posting and make sure you are on track.  Here are our tips for a quick 5 minute social media audit to keep your social media efforts aligned with your goals.

1. Review Your Accounts

Locate all of your social media accounts. Are they in use? Are they up to date? Ensure all your accounts are up to date and meet your social media standards. In active accounts may either be discarded or you may want to add them to your social media campaigns. Now is also a good time to take note of what employees or contractors may have access to these accounts and update your login information as needed.

2. Review Your Content

Review the content that has been posted recently. Take note of what post types and content types have been successful as well as those that have not as well as any holes in your content. Do you focus on one topic too much? Should other topics receive more focus? Focus on your most successful content and discard the content that does not interest your audiences. When you are reviewing your content it’s also important to ensure that it is up to your standards. Notice any spelling or grammar errors, as well as any changes in tone or personality.  All of your content should reflect your branding standards from the tone used to the writing quality its self.

3. Review App Access

If you are using third party apps, review the access rights given to your social media accounts. Discard any that are no longer in use. Also discard any that may be double posting content to your timelines. Cleaning up your app access will help keep your account secure. Monitoring your apps for their correct usage will also ensure your timeline is neat and tidy; your followers really don’t need 5 posts in a row from 3 different apps with the same message about your new blog post.

4. Review Your Goals

Review your short and longer term goals. Review your analytics or other data that may support your goals and measure how far you have come. Update your goals as needed, celebrate those you may have achieved and learn from those that have proven to be more difficult. Don’t forget to add new goals for priorities that may have shifted. Be sure you are measuring the data that you need in order to measure your goals accurately.

Taking a few moments to review your social media efforts will help keep your social media campaigns on track as well as let you celebrate success and learn from your mistakes. Short audits like the one described above will help to give you a general overview of where you stand. More in-depth audits should also be conducted on a regular basis to ensure nothing is overlooked. Do you conduct social media audits on a regular basis? Do you have any tips to share? Leave your thoughts in the comments.