April Fools Day Around the 'Net
April Fools Day Around the 'Net

There's nothing like April Fools day on the internet! In a place where on even normal days there are pranks and misinformation to wade your way through, April Fools day offers even more unbelievable content. In celebration of April fools day, today we highlight some of our favorite pranks going around the 'net.

Google is Hiring a Pokemon Master!

Pokemon trainers rejoice! Pokemon Master is now finally a viable career choice! Fire up Google Maps and start catching those Pokemon for your shot at becoming Google's Pokemon Master!

Samsung, Toshiba and HTC Announce Smart Gloves

Samsung offers the Smart Fingers, while HTC offers the slightly bulkier HTC Gluuv. Not to be out done Toshiba has also gotten into the game with the Digit. We say points to Samsung, the phrase "talk to the hand" has never been more applicable! Give yourself a hand guys!

Reddit now offering Headdit, a new way to browse Reddit.

Finally the ability to control Reddit with your head! Just what ever Redditor wanted! Don't worry also comes with cat mode.

TechCrunch launches CrunchCoin.

Yes, another new digital currency from one of your favorite tech blogs. Avoid the recent turmoil of BitCoin with the trusted authority of TechCrunch's very own CrunchCoins.

Waitress Receives Epic Prank

A hard working, philanthropic waitress received a thousand dollar tip, two fully paid tickets to Hawaii, and her very own dream business, a not for profit yoga studio! If you want to ask her a question or see what she has to say about it, she's also doing an AMA on Reddit.

Lovespace will Send Your Stuff To Space.

Running out of room? You know where there's tons of room? Yes, space! Lovespace will send your stuff to space and return it to you should you decide you do actually need those tennis rackets. It's space to door service!

 What has your favorite prank been this April Fools day? Have you pranked anyone yourself in real life? Share it with us in the comments, and let us know if we missed any awesome pranks!