New App Moju Takes on Vine & Instagram with Only 24 Frames

Looking for a new app? Love Instagram videos and Vines but feel they are just too long? Then just maybe, Moju is for you! Moju is a new app currently only available for iOS. It brings moments to life in 24 frames. With no sound and only 24 frames Moju is all about simplicity and capturing the moment.

One of the most captivating features of Moju is its use of the iPhone's movement sensor. Simply twist your phone to the side to activate the Moju. Think of it like a modern flip book, but instead of flipping you just twist! Check it out in action in the .gif below, courtesy of Moju.


Does the world really need another video type of social network? Moju brings the ability to give context to an image, yet not the full experience of video. It's perfect for capturing the small moments we encounter in our everyday lives that have meaning, yet happen in only the blink of an eye. Perhaps it's a look, or the sudden shifting of light Mojus capture this brief moment with more context than a still image, yet without the extra distractions longer videos can have. Beyond more artistic and personal pursuits, Mojus seem perfect for capturing one of the standards of the internet: reaction .gifs.

Like other visual social networks, Mojus are limited only by the creativity of its community. Without a doubt Moju can lead to new and interesting ways to interact and share your vision with the world. What do you think of Moju? Have you tried it out yet? Share your thoughts on this new and exciting app with us in the comments!