7 Twitter Mistakes You Are Making Right Now (And How To Fix Them)

Are your Twitter mistakes costing you followers or stunting your Twitter growth? If you are making these common mistakes you could be sabotaging your own efforts! Fortunately, they are easy to fix! Improve yours (and everyone else’s) experience on Twitter by stopping these 7 mistakes.

1. You Auto-DM New Followers

Nothing says “I like to automate ALL THE THINGS!” like an auto-dm to a new follower. Auto-DMs are annoying to users and offer no real value. If you want to thank your new followers then do it in a real personal way, a generic message sent to all followers isn’t personal – and your new followers know it. If you must tell your new followers something, make it a real personal message, which will carry much more of an impact than any generic message.

2. Your Facebook Is Linked To Your Twitter

Do all of your Facebook posts go directly to Twitter? If so, revoke those permissions. In some cases it’s fine to post the same content to Twitter as Facebook. However, you have to remember that each network is very different. For example, most of your Facebook posts on Twitter are cut off mid sentence due to Twitters character limit, and then of course there are the links that lead to a lovely Facebook page that tells a user to log in. Why put another gate between visitors and your content? Make it easy for your visitors to see your content! Use IFTTT or manually write your tweets so that they lead directly to your content and the copy is suitable for Twitter.

3. Your Pinterest Is Linked To Twitter (And you’re Fond of Pinning Sprees)

Pinning sprees in general should be avoided (I know it’s hard sometimes), they can annoy your Pinterest users just as much as those users on Twitter who suddenly see nothing in their streams but your pins. Spread out your pining throughout the day, or highlight only certain ones on Twitter to avoid spamming your followers and promote the most relevant content.

4. Multiple Posts of the Same Link within Moments of Each Other (aka Spamming)

Usually this is caused by linking your RSS feed, Facebook, and other services all to your Twitter account. This usually results in the same link being posted multiple times within a span of 5 minutes or so on your Twitter timeline. There’s a name for this, it’s called spamming. While it’s unintentional in this case, it’s also great way to annoy your followers (or potentially even get called out for spamming!). It only takes a few moments to review your post and app settings to make sure that each post only gets sent out to your Twitter account once initially.

5. Over Automating

Some Twitter automation is fine. It can help you to spread out your content over a period of time to reach more users and help you manage your time more efficiently. However, over automating your Twitter account will not help you make friends, or develop any real social interactions. Keep automation to a minimum and remember that responses call for actual human interaction not an auto response. Your Twitter followers want to know that there is a real person on the other end of that account.

6. The Egg

Does your brand’s Twitter account still have an egg for a user icon? You are missing out on a lot of brand building by not having an easily identifiable user icon! Switch out that egg for something brand worthy immediately! Eggs say “I’m new and don’t know what I’m doing!” or “I’m a spammer!”, and neither of those things are what you want your brand’s Twitter account to say. New followers, especially seasoned tweeps may be hesitant to follow you if your profile is incomplete. Make sure it’s completed and up to date to give your best first impression.

7.  No Manners

Just because it’s the internet doesn't mean manners are not important. This is especially important for brands! Please, thank you and the general politeness that is required in daily life and business are all important for talking to others on Twitter. Other users will appreciate it, and should you slip up they will just as easily remember it. Nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet, don't let one slip up tarnish the reputation you work so hard to cultivate.

By avoiding these 7 Twitter mistakes you can improve your Twitter experience and reputation. It only takes moments to avoid these mistakes and it can make a world of difference to your Twitter account (and its followers too!). Did we miss a Twitter mistake? Share it with us in the comments!