7 Social Media News Resources You Need to Stay Up To Date
7 Social Media News Resources You Need to Stay Up To Date

The speed at which social media moves and changes can be a challenge. It can seem at times that the social networks introduce new features and make changes on a daily basis! How are you supposed to stay up to date on all the latest social media news? Fortunately there are many terrific resources out there to stay on top of all of the latest social media news from algorithm updates to new features and more. Here's a list of our favorite resources in no particular order that we read daily to keep up to date on the latest social media news.

All Facebook/All Twitter

These sister sites cover all the latest news for the two most popular social media networks: Facebook and Twitter. Facebook rolled out a new feature to a select group of users? They have it covered. Twitter is changing reTweet to share? They go it.

The Social Times

Covering the latest rounds of acquisitions to the latest social network updates and changes the social times offers wide coverage of all news related to social media.


TechCrunch covers all things tech related, including the latest and hottest social media news. They are a great resource for not only social media news but technology as well. Technology and social media are very closely intertwined and changes in one area often impact the other.

The Next Web

TNW is another source that covers a variety of topics from social media to technology to design. If you are looking for tech and social media news or even tips to improve your social content you have come to the right place.


Mashable is a great resource for the latest trending news online. Their social media coverage offers a great selection of news as well as informative articles to help you up your social media marketing game.

Official Social Network Blogs

The best place to get the latest social media news is directly from the source. TwitterPinterest, and Facebook all offer official blogs that cover the latest updates and changes to their products and services. Don't overlook these as valuable resources to get the latest social news!

These are resources that we use daily to keep our skills and knowledge sharp for our customers. Keeping up to date on the latest social media news does take a little time and effort so if you'd rather just let the pro's handle it for you, so you can focus on what you do best we are here to help! Did we miss a really awesome resource? Tell us! We would love to know about it! Share with us your favorite social media news resources in the comments!