6 Tips to Improve Your Customer Service on Twitter
6 Tips to Improve Your Customer Service on Twitter

Have you ever had a disappointed customer reach out to you for help on Twitter? Or have you ever missed that opportunity — only to see what started out as a plea for help turn into a displeased rant? Social media is one of the all too often overlooked avenues for customer care. Twitter in particular is an excellent method for customers and customer service reps to interact. Here are six tips to ensure those interactions are pleasant and productive for all involved.

1. Use a support hashtag

Using a hashtag for support has the dual benefit of ease for your representatives to follow support requests and for customers to search existing issues. Additionally, knowing you have a dedicated infrastructure established to address customer care issues can do wonders for consumer confidence!

2. Monitor Your Mentions

There are many different tools that you can use to monitor your mentions on social media. From the aptly named Mention to Hootsuite, there are a variety of options to keep on top of who's saying what on Twitter. Whatever your social monitoring tool of choice, first and foremost ensure you are monitoring it for your brand's name.

3. Reply

One of the biggest areas for improvement in both social media engagement and customer service is simply replying to queries and comments. Make a concerted effort to reply to all customer service queries and concerns on Twitter in a timely manner.

4. Use a Customer Service Handle

If your customer service conversations are overwhelming, you may want to consider a Twitter handle dedicated to customer care. This will not only keep your main Twitter handle's conversations more brand-centric, but also give your customers a dedicated resource to address their customer service questions and concerns.

5. Have a Plan

Customer service can be tricky, especially online. Ensure your customer service reps have guidelines and plans for all eventualities from trolling to social media emergencies. Plan ahead to prevent possible disasters! Keep your plan updated to address future changes and challenges.

6. Be Genuine

A great bit of customer service can go a long way. It can build brand reputation and improve customer satisfaction. Don't forget there are real people behind the handles.

Using Twitter as part of your customer service plan can not only help improve your social media interactions, but also overall customer satisfaction. Consumers are increasingly reaching out to brands on social media for customer service related issues; all too often those brand interactions fall short of expectations. Stand out from the crowd by using these tips to take your Twitter customer service to the top!