6 Reasons You Should Be on Google+

Is your business on Google+? If not you are missing out on a great opportunity. I’m sure you've heard the complaints that Google+ is a wasteland, no one is there and how it’s only filled with marketers. These complaints just aren’t true. Businesses of all types can find great success on Google+, however if you need a little more persuasion here are 6 reasons you should be on Google+.

1. SEO

Let’s face it, being close to Google is always a good thing when it comes to SEO. Google has moved to personalize search. This means that when someone who has circled you on Google+ searches they are more likely to see your content in the results of their search. Additionally, having a Google+ account will allow you to build your Authorship. While it’s not currently the most important stat when it comes to SEO, it does play a role now especially with in depth articles.

2. Reach

Facebook and Twitter are crowded. It can be hard to have your content seen over all of the other noise out there, then factor in infamous algorithm changes and it can be incredibly frustrating for marketers. Google+ on the other hand shows you all the content of those you have circled, no algorithms to fight, and limited noise.

3. Visuals

Google+ supports great visuals. It gives you plenty of room to show off the visual elements that you have spent so much time on. As you know, everyone loves a good visual to share! To get the most impact from an image, upload it and post the link along with it.  Google also includes a number of photo filters to give any photos you upload that special touch.

4. Bold & Italic

Remember those? When it comes to social networking the ability to make your text stand out is few and far between. However, Google+ offers you the ability use bold and italic to do just that. Create wonderfully formatted text in your posts and gain the attention of your followers by standing out from the crowd.

5. Long Form Content

Find Twitter’s message length constraining? No longer be constrained to write only short status updates! Google+ supports long form content, so you can write until you have said all that you need to say. No more struggling to figure out which punctuation mark has to go to fit your message into the character limit. This is also great for striking up conversations or adding insights into articles that you are sharing. LPT: Share this link to your other social media accounts to cross promote and gain new followers!

6. Communities

Like gathering with others like you? Google+ is filled with communities that will meet the needs of any niche. Communities allow you to meet and interact with new people and are a great way to build your brand and influence.

Google+ offers a number of benefits and opportunities for brands and businesses to expand their social media marketing, connect with new fans, and improve their SEO. Are you on Google+? What is your favorite part of being on the network? Share it with us in the comments.