5 Tips to Make Your Visual Content Go Further
5 Tips to Make Your Visual Content Go Further

So you've created awesome visual content but it's just not getting the shares you'd like. What do you do? If you are struggling to find new ways to get more exposure for your visual content, or you just want to fine tune your existing strategy, here are 5 tips to get you there.

1. Share Your Own Content

Get your content off on the right foot by sharing it yourself and asking your fans to share it as well. Simply putting sharing widgets by your content isn't enough. Take the initiative and share it a few times yourself. Post it to all of your social networks, taking care to optimize your posting times for maximum exposure.

2. Use Hashtags & Tags

Proper hashtag and tag usage will help others find your content. The more traffic it gets the more shares it can get. Hashtags and tags are key for helping your content reach new audiences.

3. Focus On Visual Social Networks

Pinterest and Tumblr are prime real estate for visual content. Share your viuals and make them easy to find. On Pinterest this includes ensuring your boards have descriptions and are properly categorized. For Pinterest and Tumblr, tags and hashtags can also help maximize your reach.

4. Optimize your Visuals for Social Media

Using the right image sizes can make all the difference. Images that do not meet image size requirements for social networks can end up looking subpar. Don't let your hard work be victimized by pixelation or random cropping because it's not the right size ratio!

5. Optimize Your Visuals to Your Audience

Find out what your own audience enjoys and give it to them! Do they prefer behind the scenes shots? Maybe they are crazy over infographics and slideshows? If your audience isn't interested in your visual assets, they simply won't share them.

Having great visuals that are easy to share and optimized to your audience and social networks will help your visuals go further. Do you have any more tips to make your visual content go viral? Share them in the comments!