5 Tips to Get More Pinterest Followers
5 Tips to Get More Pinterest Followers

Pinterest should be an integral part of any social media marketing plan. It offers a visual way to connect with fans and is a great source of referral traffic. However, as with any social network, growing your following can take more time than you would like! Follow these 5 tips and you can add new followers to your Pinterest account in no time!

1. Pin Regularly

Pin on a fairly regular schedule. Avoid spamming your followers by pinning many pins all at once. Conversely, don’t forget about Pinterest and only pin occasionally. Try to spread out your pinning throughout the day in a consistent manner.

2. Pin Quality Images

Images are the basis of Pinterest. So it’s important that all of your pinnable material has great images to pin. If it’s your own material that you are pinning make sure every single thing you create has a great pinnable image. When pinning other’s material try to choose ones that offer great images to pin.

3. Pin from the Popular Stream

Pinning popular pins will help you get more attention and followers. When a post is repined boards it is pinned on is shown to the users. This helps your boards get discovered by new audiences.

4. Follow & Interact With Users

Find new and exciting users to follow either by browsing Pinterest or using the handy contact import tools. Once you follow users don’t forget to interact with them! Repin their content, leave them comments, and like their pins. While it may not be as noisy as Twitter, Pinterest is still a social network, which means being social and interacting with other users is important!

5. Cross Promote

Like your other social accounts, your Pinterest account should be easy to find. Link to it from your site, or use one of the convenient widgets to promote your account or even specific boards. You can also integrate your Pinterest account with your Facebook page as a tab. Share links to your Pinterest account or interested pins on Twitter and Google+!

Growing a following on any social network takes effort. Pinterest is no different. However, by following these 5 tips you can increase your follower numbers. Do you have any other tips to increase your Pinterest follower numbers? Share them with us in the comments!