5 Overlooked Post Types to Spice Up Your Social Media

Are your stuck in the rut of posting the same old types of content to your social media accounts? Well if you are, your fans might be just as bored of it as you are! No one wants that! So to remedy this issue and bring some spice back into your social media stream here are 5 often overlooked social media post types that you should be using.

1. Video

From animations to live shots video can be an engaging break from the norm. Your videos don't have to be long, under a minute or two will keep your audience's attention. From tutorials and how-tos to behind the scenes glimpses, artistic visions, and educational or promotional material there's no shortage of ways to use video in your social campaigns. Use them to enhance or support your blog posts or other content, or let them stand on their own and pillars of your social strategy.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts have been around for a while; however they are still great ways to reach your audience and provide a much needed break from the slew of articles slung around social media! You can create podcasts on any topic, or even derive them from content you have already created.

3. Livestreams

Going to an event? Working on a project? Give fans a look at what you are up to! Show them a look at behind the scenes, give a tutorial on a technique you use, or just share your experience with them!

4. Vine/Instagram

Don't forget cross promotion! Cross promoting your posts from social apps like Vine and Instagram will not only provide a new post type for other social networks but expose your account to new followers! Gorgeous images and fun short videos are enough to make anyone stop scrolling for a moment to watch!

5. .GIFs

Who doesn't love a good .gif? Sometimes words just aren't enough and you need the reaction power of a .gif.  However, .gifs aren't only the domains of fangirls and boys! You can create your own .gifs to suit your own needs and fit your own style.


Polls!  Polls are a great way to not only gain interaction with your fans and followers but to get information from them as well! Thinking of starting a new campaign or developing a new product? Start your research with your existing fan base to help gauge the demand and built the best product possible!

Don't get sucked into posting the same old post types day in and day out! There are many different ways you can spice up your social media stream. Give your fans a breath of fresh air with new and different content. Do you have any other social post types that you love to post but are overlooked by others? Share your content suggestions in the comments!