4 Tips to Get More Referral Traffic from Social Media


As you are no doubt aware, social media is a great way to expand your brand’s reach, reputation and drive traffic to your site. Has your referral traffic hit a snag? Do you want to drive even more people to your site? Here are 4 tips to get more of your social media followers to your site.

1. Share Your Old Content

You've been creating content right? You have a selection of older content that is still very viable and can help drive traffic to your site. While it may be sitting there getting traffic via SEO and a few other sources you can give that old content a new life by re-sharing it on social media. Re-sharing allows older content to reach new followers or those who simply didn't see it the first time. You can do this manually, however, if you have a WordPress site there are also many plugins that will easily let you re-post old content to your social media accounts.

2. Support Mobile Visitors

This has been mentioned many times before in our blogs because it is that important! Many of your followers on social media are on their mobile devices. This means that when they click your link and are taken to your site that is not optimized for mobile they are very disappointed! Pinching, zooming, scrolling and trying to fit everything into their screen, let alone the issue of clicking those tiny links! Give your mobile social media followers the experience they deserve, and that will help keep them on your site! Creating a mobile site doesn't have to be hard! Our friends at LOL Mobile Media would be happy to create your mobile site or give you the tools to quickly and easily create your own!

3. Improve Your Copy

Show your followers why they need to click on your link. Pull out a tweetable quote from your latest piece of content or improve your calls to action to get followers to click a link to your podcast. Improving the copy you use in your efforts to get your social media followers to your site and its valuable content.

4. Post When Your Fans Are Active

Do you know when your fans are around on each social network you are active on? If not, it’s time to pull out those analytics and take a look. Posting when your fans are active and looking for your content is one of the best ways to ensure that they will not only see it, but also take action on it and engage with it. Don’t be afraid to post more than once at different times, especially on social networks like Twitter. Posting at least 3 different times on Twitter will give you the best opportunity to reach as many of your followers as possible (just remember not to go overboard).


You can increase your traffic from social media by following these 4 tips. The main point to always keep in mind is your audience. Give your audience what they want to know, speak to them in the way they expect and give them a great experience once they get to their destination and they will keep coming back for more.

Do you have any other tips to improve your social media traffic referrals? Share your tips in the comments!