4 Social Media Mistakes You Are STILL Making
4 Social Media Mistakes You Are STILL Making

Social media has become well engrained in marketing from large companies to small start ups, bloggers to celebrities. However, as common place as it is there are still many brands making these common mistakes. Avoid embarrassment and annoying your followers by avoiding these common social media mistakes.

1. Your Facebook Cross Posts everything to Twitter

Especially if your Twitter then ALSO posts the exact same thing or if your content is unable to be seen by everyone.  This leads to duplicate posts within a short period of time, this is frequently known as spam.  Do your followers really need to see that Facebook picture that was uploaded 5 times at once? No. They don't.  Apps like Hootsuite make it easy to post to multiple social media networks from one location. Customizing your updates for each network will lead to better performing updates and avoid #2...

2. You Post Like a Newbie

We were all newbies once, but that doesn't mean you can't learn!  Before posting to a social media network, ensure that you are using the right terminology (that means don't ask for 'comments' or 'follows' for your Tweets. Or +1's on your Facebook!) and formatting for your network (and you're avoiding #1). Like using incorrect terminology another common offense on Twitter is posting too long! Leave room for other users re-tweets and comments!

3. No Interaction

Social media is all about interaction. From responding to comments on your Facebook Page, to DMs, RTs and Tweets on Twitter replies are important.  Nothing says "I don't care about you" to your fans like a lack of reply.  Take a few moments to reply to at least some of your message so fans know you actually do care about them.   This also applies to blog posts! If you are posting things for interactions, reply to them.

4. No Activity or Sporadic Activity

Social media can be time consuming. Brand's do not need to be on every single social network. Focus on the ones you have time to manage and where your audience already is. A profile with no activity or sporadic activity isn't going to help you build followers, or spread your brand.

5. Inappropriate Breaking News Updates

There are numerous instances of brands inappropriately using breaking news events, often tragic ones at that, to further their marketing goals.  Tragic events in particular are not the best time to attempt to use news to your advantage. The internet can be quick to react and turn on such attempts, throwing the brands in question into damage control mode.  Avoid this entirely by keeping it respectful, and monitoring any scheduled posts for  appropriateness should breaking news hit.