You are active on your social media accounts, you even respond to your fans and followers, but are you doing as much as you could be on social media? It can be easy to overlook the less talked about ways of interacting with your social media followings. Here are 4 social media methods that are often overlooked by marketers.

1. Google Hangouts

Google hangouts are as close to face-to-face as you can get on the internet. It offers you the ability to connect with your fans and followers on a personal level. Hangouts are great for showing the personal side of your brand as well as offering your fans and followers valuable services. Hangouts are great for demonstrations, how-to’s and question and answer sessions.

2. Facebook Events

Are you having an event? Do your Facebook fans know that? Drive engagement and promote your event by setting up a Facebook event. From publicizing webinars to real life events and promotions you can integrate your Facebook fans with your events in an easy to use way.

3. Instagram Direct Messages

Who doesn’t love the personal touch? Add a touch of the personal with an Instagram direct message. Direct messages offer the potential to connect with your Instagram followers in a personal way. Help your followers with a problem they may have with your product or service or simply give them a heartfelt thank you for their participation in your Instagram contest.

4. Smaller Social Networks

Everyone is on the big three social networks, but where are your customers? Each social network attracts its own crowd and not everyone may be in every network. Find out where your customers are. Don’t overlook smaller networks like Tumblr, StumbleUpon and even Digg. Fans in these small networks may be just as passionate (if not more) than your fans on the big networks.


Don’t overlooks these valuable ways to connect with your social media followings, no matter where they may be. Find what works best for you and your brand to really find social media success and build a passionate following of true fans. Do you have any social media tips that are all too often overlooked? Share them with us in the comments!